Demo I

by Iron Oath

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Cassette available here: cncohio dot bigcartel dot com/


released June 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Iron Oath Cincinnati, Ohio

Aaron Moss
Chad Duccilli
Zach Colina
Dustin Bingaman

The Straight Edge

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Track Name: Oath
This is a fucking oath.
The final fucking nail.
I remain this way for my fucking self.
And for those I've seen struggle.
I don't want that shit.
I am the soul controller.
I'll take life as it comes.
I'll take life as it comes.
I'll take life as it comes.
Track Name: Xanax
Crushed and snorted your reality today.
Turned your brain into mush, you're tuning out again.
Never seem to be in touch or know what's going on.
Can't stand to see yourself so these pills are an escape.

Passed out on the toilet, wonder if you'll wake up.
Say you've got a handle, I don't think you do.

It's pretty fucked up to think you aren't the the only one.
A whole fucking town of kids strung out on shitty drugs.
It won't be too long before you're all fucking dead.
Dopesick, overdosed or a bullet in your head.

You said you really loved me, but you don't love yourself.
I couldn't say it back, but what does it fucking matter?

You won't remember shit tomorrow.

It's a sad state of affairs.
I wonder if I stuck around, maybe thought I could help.
Don't really think I could, but fuck it, doesn't matter.
Heard you weren't doing well.
I hope you aren't dead tomorrow.
Track Name: Underneath
I can't stand to look at myself, no, not anymore.
I peeling off the skin that I'm not comfortable living in.
I wanna expose all my veins, my bones, my nerves.
I need you to see whats underneath, understand everything is not what it seems.
It's not about my fucking flesh.
If what's inside really fucking matters, hold on, I can dig deeper.
Track Name: Dominated
I hear your fucking stupid remarks
All your friends just nod and laugh
Yeah, "it's just a fucking joke"
But how far that really go?

No concern for who's around, you're a motherfucker who never thinks.
Your rape jokes aren't fucking funny.

Can't you see I'm not laughing?
Just because we both have dicks.
Doesn't mean I wanna hear it.

Take a step back, rethink your position.
We've got a fucking privilege .
Don't you think you'd reconsider?